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Monday Morning Links, October 4


The preseason is over, so bring on the regular season! Hold on, skippy – gotta wait until Friday. Until then, here’s this week’s dose of Monday Morning Links!

DOUBLE EDGED SABRES – Rewind: Time to look back on 09-10 Back to Back Results
In the wake of a new season chock full of 22 back-to-back series, Vance takes a look at last season’s crop. The numbers shouldn’t stun you so much, really, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Katie breaks out a feel good story-style post about the upcoming season. Good thing she busted this one out cuz I was thiiiiis close to having to trim her work from the blogroll.

SABRETAKE – We’re Not Dead: Predictions for the 2010/2011 Season
Ryan tosses his thoughts and predictions out there into the aether for all to see. Worth reading if only to see the amazing picture of Saint Ryan at the top of the post.

SABRES HOCKEY CENTRAL – A New and Improved Stafford?
Adam has a great entry here on how the evolution of Drew Stafford started during the tail end of his dismal 09/10 campaign and how it translated into the dominance the winger has exhibited this preseason. And this was written before his 1+3 outing against Philadelphia yesterday. Stick tap for including the fight against Umberger.

Amy has a great post showing just how damn excited she is for the new season to start. In Buffalo, the feeling in the crisp fall air is entirely palpable – people are ready, no thanks to the Bills, for hockey. Nay, they’re eager and anxious for hockey.

THE WILLFUL CABOOSE – Contract Years Are No Joke
Katebits offers up her witty observations as usual. This post’s topics include love for the hockey big beer (informal question – does everyone love the big beer? Signs point to yes) and how fun it can be watching a single player own a game.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED – Meet Generation ‘D’
Michael Farber has written an absolutely excellent article about the NHL’s current crop of fabulously-talented young defensemen. As more and more praise comes forward for this group of defensemen, it becomes more and more apparent that the first round of the 2008 draft may have had the deepest selection of quality blueliners ever.

PUCK DADDY – Video: Cammalleri’s slash, Boogaard’s spear could bring suspensions
My take on this matter: 1) No reason at all for Cammalleri to hack at Nino Niederreiter like that and he ought to get a couple of games for it and 2) I don’t care how unkosher it is that Boogaard gored a dude in the groin, Neil deserves it.

JAMESTOWN JETS – Jets Win Fourth Straight
An impressive start for the Jets, who are actually 4-1 on the season (the game recap from their lone loss isn’t up yet). Exciting junior hockey is being played in Jamestown, NY – the locals would do well to support their local hockey team.

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