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Black & Blue & Gold Turns 1!


October 1st, 2009 a blog was born. One year, a blogging service switch, two slight format changes, and an added author later, Black & Blue & Gold stands before you in its current incarnation.

I feel obligated to thank some folks who were very inspirational to me. Charlie and Drew over at Sabres, Not Slugs! made me a contributor and ignited my passion for the blogging form. Katebits, Ryan from The Goose’s Roost, and David from Die By The Blade inspired me to write my own Sabres blog. Elisa Bleakmore helped spur along my blog’s maturation process with her excellent headers. Lastly, my own contributor Alex unintentionally made me raise my game by posting his excellent “Vulgar Statistics” series every Sunday. Thanks guys – without you all, I probably would have gotten discouraged and this post wouldn’t be here today.

As you can see, the header at the top of the site has changed. Crucial Face-Off won with 48% of the vote, while early front-runner Center Ice Dust-Up received only 33% of the votes and distant third place banner Keep Your Head Up took in a scant 19%. My first banner, Battling For Position, strangely didn’t get a single vote. Thanks for voting, loyal readers – your participation was the sole decision maker in picking out my new image.

Speaking of loyal readers, I want to thank you most of all. The past four months have seen huge traffic growth. Can you even believe that the off-season and pre-season have given the blog record-breaking numbers each month? I can’t even imagine what the regular season will bring in. Dayum.

My new weekly content schedule which I’ve been busting my hump over isn’t the only thing I’m working on at Black & Blue & Gold. I’m still on the look-out for new contributors to help me keep this machine running, I’m slowly (very slowly) working toward independent hockey new media legitimacy by plugging along in the trenches, and there’s other stuff I’m not even ready to hint at yet.

So keep on coming back for my daily pieces, game previews and reviews, and the guest columns – the best is yet to come. One last thing – it sure feels good to no longer has to ask #IsItOctoberYet, doesn’t it?

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  1. 10/01/10 6:18 AM

    Congrats, Philly! Love you.

  2. 10/01/10 6:54 AM

    Congrats! And you’re quite welcome. 🙂

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