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Black & Blue & Gold On The Beat, September 30


So I’m late by a day. Oops. Here’s yesterday’s Black & Blue & Gold On The Beat, with a lot of good stuff. Inside is a Q&A with Bobby Ryan, Jeremy Roenick blasting moving Byfuglien to defense, and other good tidbits. I wrote this post last night, but it took forever because I had been playing with some Ubuntu apps like a kid with a new set of LEGOs. To the stories!

DUCKS BLOG – Q&A with Bobby Ryan
The OC Register has a transcript of a great interview with Bobby Ryan. Topics range from collecting wine, his nickname, and Chelsea Handler.

THRASHERS BLOG – Updated: Roenick blasts Thrashers for Byfuglien’s move to defense
Dude, JR is chugging some serious Hatorade over Ramsay’s decision to move Byfuglien to defense – ya know, the position he began his hockey career at.

BRUINS BLOG – McGrattan still around
Notable for the position Daniel Paille is playing – fourth line winger. About time he wound up there.

CANES NOW – Canes 1, Thrashers 0
I know he’s released now and it’s OK to make jokes about it, but the only thing I can think of when looking at that picture of Sergei Samsanov in pain on the ice is “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM IT HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURTS!”

PUCK-RAKERS BLOG – Training Camp — Day 12
Tom Reed reports Scott Arniel wants to roll three skill lines. The paragraph following that opens, “In some NHL circles, it might come as a revelation that the Blue Jackets have two such lines, let alone three.” Pretty much.

FLAMES INSIDER – Flames rookies holding their own
About time Mikael Backlund got another chance to shine. Kid is crazy talented.

CHICAGO BREAKING SPORTS – Blackhawks pick up their championship rings
To quote Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy, “Commit to the cubic zirconia!”

ALL THINGS AVS – Here is what Mueller’s helmet was supposed to look like
So that’s the concussion-reducing helmet that Peter Mueller was supposed to be wearing the other night…when he suffered a concussion. Huh.

STARS BLOG – Dallas Stars’ Kari Lehtonen has groin injury; Gagnon clears waivers
I know, I said it too – “Freakin’ already?!”

RED WINGS BLOG – Bob Probert’s brain donated to science
Two links up, I cracked a joke related to concussions. That quip aside, the injury is no laughing matter and it’s a damn fine endeavor these scientists are journeying on. +1 to the Probert family for donating Bob’s brain to this study.

THE CULT OF HOCKEY – Yes, the Baby Oilers are fast. But is their enough balance on this team? Enough toughness?
I feel obligated to add a “-erino” to the end of that post title, because the Journal is clearly not into the whole brevity thing.

ON FROZEN POND – Stay Off the Logo: Panthers Block off the Locker Room Cat
I am totally in favor of unwritten rules that make the logo rug off limits in every NHL dressing room. Good on the Cats.

RUSSO’S RANTS – Flyers 3, Wild 2 (shootout); #mnwild looking for a goalie?
Dude, Harding was in some serious pain. That’s what a dual ACL/MCL injury looks like? I would definitely not be able to hack it.

HABS INSIDE/OUT – Eight more sleeps
Worth checking out if only to see that awesome photo of Jean Beliveau’s first camp of his pro career.

DEVILS BEAT BLOG – Devils get one on the power play in 3-2 preseason win over Flyers
So, Adam Mair is about to get a job, eh? Don’t tell that to 3rd Man In’s Eric or he might hockey rage for days.

PREDATORS INSIDER – Lindback has edge, will start tonight
One question – how in the heck has Chet Pickard not picked up the back-up position yet? Kid is good.

OFF THE POSTS – Hey Bruce…

FREQUENT FLYERS – Leighton to miss a month, Laperriere out indefinitely
That Laperriere is actually missing time for something is impressive, seeing as the man is made out of pure hockey.

PHOENIX FANSTER – Coyotes trim roster down to 28 players – Updated Roster included
Wait, Ryan Hollweg still has a job playing hockey? HA!

EMPTY NETTERS – Picture this – 09-29-10
Dude found someone wearing quite the jersey, in Mexico freakin’ City of all places.

WORKING THE CORNERS – Thornton shares a thought or two on captaincy — plus Boyle, like Murray, has a Stockholm connection
Again, guys – brevity in the title please. Back on topic, I cast my vote for a Big Pavelski captaincy in San Jose.

MORNING SKATE – Blues celebrate birthdays, prepare for Minnesota
The Blues’ coach just turned 40. Why does it seem a prerequisite that a coach must be 40? Just feels that way to me, I dunno. (Blogs the guy who lives in the city where the head coach was hired at 37)

LIGHTNING STRIKES – Poll: Who do you want to mind the net?

LEAFS NOW – Writing on the wall?
And this was written before he stunk it up against the Sabres. I think Zack Kassian has a better chance to make the Sabres than Nazem Kadri has to make the Maple Leafs.

PUCK WORLD – Vigneault: ‘Somebody show me something’
I don’t think the league would be able to handle the Canucks if they had even more talent emerge. That team is stacked. Sheesh.

CAPITALS INSIDER – NBA fines Ted Leonsis $100,000 for salary cap comments
Love him or hate him, he’s more Mark Cuban than Dan Gilbert. Caps fans should be very thankful for that.

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