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Focus On Prospects, September 28


Gonna be a bit different in Focus On Prospects this week, as I don’t have a lot of time to prepare this post. As previously mentioned in the series, I’ll be aping some of Kris Baker’s work and dissecting it. Eventually, I’ll get the man himself to sit down with me and do a special post on this year’s crop of kiddies.

9/25 Recap: Isackson impressive as Herd earns W
I got nothing on this Christian Isackson kid. I don’t pay much attention to the high school prospects, rare as they are.

Towering trio remains as Sabres return junior prospects
I like that McNabb, Foligno, and Kassian were singled out by management to stay up. With McNabb and Foligno, it’s good experience to help slingshot their success this season. It’s especially good for McNabb, who is one of the forerunners for Team Canada in Buffalo. With Foligno, it’s to help him improve his skating and pacing.

With Kassian, it’s a different matter entirely. Kassian could possibly be playing for a job on the Sabres this summer, as his appearance in all three preseason games can attest to. His first game was a show of dominance while his second was not-so-impactful. He’s shown he’s ready to play at the NHL level, and seemingly his lack of a contract is the biggest hurdle he has to clear. With Regier almost ready to open up negotiations again, consistent strong performances are all Kassian needs to exhibit to make the team.

9/27 Recap: Boychuk back as ‘Hawks soar; Fienhage achy
Boychuk may not have registered a point in the Winterhawks’ victory, but his size and game cannot be ignored. An increase in production this season could mean an automatic jump into the AHL following the conclusion of the 10/11 WHL season.

It’s a shame Fienhage is sore from blocking a shot in training camp, as the new-to-the-CHL defenseman could be capable of big things in Kamloops. Here’s to a a fast recovery and a strong season for the freshly-named alternate captain.

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