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Weekly Round-Up, September 26


That was pleasant, wasn’t it? Sabres racked up a ton of shots, had 3 players score (including Rob Niedermayer on a nifty decoy play with Ennis), and sent their faithful fans home happy the first home game of the preseason. To the links!

SABRES EDGE – Get your Sabres highlights here
Mike Harrington had the foresight to embed the Leafs TV highlights into TBN’s beat blog. Kassian sure looked good in those highlights, eh? Looked even better throughout the whole game.

3RD MAN IN – Defensive logjam becomes defensive logjam
Eric has a nice write-up on the Sabres’ defensive logjam, featuring a rare picture of Andrej Sekera with hair!

QUEEN CITY SABRES – Anticipaaaaaation
Anne gets full marks for a great post full of hype and tearing down some boisterous Chicago fans, plus gets bonus points for her Rocky Horror Picture Show-inspired title. Yes, Anne, I read it as if I was Frank-N-Furter myself.

2 MINUTES FOR ROUGHING – Sabres vs Maple Leafs 9/25/10 Postmortem
Amanda’s awesome post-mortem series is back, mixing her insight with sense of humor as deftly as always. I swear, not only are lady Sabres fans the smartest lady fans in the league but also some of the funniest (see: Katebits, Heather B, Anne).

BILL HOPPE’S MSG BLOG – Kassian Delivers in Preseason Opener
Lastly, a great positive blog post from MSG’s Bill Hoppe on how awesome Kassian looked last night. Considering Kassian has a 1% chance to make the team unless he outplays damn near everyone, we should enjoy how he does this preseason very much.

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  1. manda903 permalink
    09/26/10 8:16 PM

    Phil, I blush at your effusive praise. Thanks for the kudos. I try to blend analysis with humor – otherwise you people would believe I actually know what I’m talking about. P’shaw!

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