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(Not Quite) Monday Morning Links, September 21


It may not be Monday, but it is Sept. 21st and that means it’s autumn. And autumn means hockey is right around the corner. Lots to talk about, so let’s go ahead and make with the linkage!

ICETHETICS – Sabres Debut New Uniforms!
Chris has a post covering the new uniform set, including notes and his overall take on them.

3RD MAN IN – The new althernate uniform? Yeah, about that…
Eric, meanwhile, does not like the new alternate uniform. Good points raised, even if I don’t agree with the man.

2 MINUTES FOR ROUGHING – How to like the jerseys
Amanda has a great – and hilarious – set of suggestions and rules on liking the new uniform set if you aren’t already a fan.

SABRES, NOT SLUGS! – Success Stories
“Carpandean” has a couple of success stories to share on the Sabres, Not Slugs! blog’s newest campaign to salt the Slug wherever it may remain. Already, there’s been headway.

SABRES EDGE – Ruff: All 8 ‘D’ will stay, Kassian will get look in exhibitions
Mike Harrington has some very revealing information up on the Sabres Edge blog about the defensive depth and the look Kassian will get from management.

NHL – 2010/2011 Rule Enforcement Video
The NHL has put together a video reviewing the addition of the head-hunting rule following the Cooke/Savard and Richards/Booth debacles last season. Alterations or revisions of other rules are also reviewed. Required viewing, in my opinion.

PUCK DADDY – Blues bank on playoffs in unique ticket promotion
The execs in St. Louis sure have something wacky going on in their secret lair. Here’s hoping Jaro Halak can be the man to deliver the goods so fans will have to as well.

PRO HOCKEY TALK – Brad Richards donates $500K to a children’s hospital
Dude makes a huge pile of money, so he’s giving a bunch back to the community. Love a nice feel good story.

THE HOCKEY NEWS – Getting To Know: Gordie Howe
I don’t know about you, but I love this feature on And I think Mr. Hockey is an immortal badass. So this installment is doubly awesome.

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