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Training Camp Day 3 Scrimmage


I missed the first period, in which Tim Connolly put one home from the point I’m told. As I sat down, the frame expired with Team Seymour ahead 1-0.

It’s the second period, and the lines are pretty drawn. Team Punch forechecks and controls the puck better while Team Norty has strength on the blueline and in net. Roy goes off for 2 and Kevin Sundher puts one home to make it 2-0. Team Punch had pretty sustained pressure throughout the period, resulting in Henley breaking the seal and making it 2-1. Shortly thereafter, Kassian is in the box and Punch has a power play. Nothing results from it and the period ends 2-1 Seymour.

The third period is under way, and Kassian lining up across from Gerbe is too funny. Good back and forth pressure for six minutes until Vanek wires a perfect pass which gets tipped into a wide open side of the net on Miller. The third period ends tied 2-2.

OT opens 4 v 4 and about halfway through, Kassian puts Team Seymour up 3-2. No golden goal in camp, so play continued. Eventually, Team Punch pulled Enroth for the extra man but ridiculous hustle by Derek Whitmore and Cody McCormick being johnny-on-the-spot gave the white squad a 4-2 lead going into the shootout.

Go figure, Goose was the only skater to score in the shootout, giving the white squad a 5-2 victory on the day.

Thoughts on individual players will be up later.

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  1. Aaron permalink
    09/20/10 1:44 PM

    how’d gerbs look? i was impressed with him on sat

    • 09/20/10 4:08 PM

      He looked pretty okay. At this rate he won’t be stealing a roster spot, but he doesn’t look bad


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