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Pucking Awesome: Thoughts Of Puck Drop


So, those are good looking jerseys. The biggest, most pleasant surprise of the unveiling was the vertical striping on the pants of the alternate uniform set. The numbers and nameplate on the alternate also look great in person. That’s all the time I’m going to spend on the new uniforms – I’ve got some thoughts of scrimmage after the jump. No rhyme or reason – just a free-formed stream of thoughts.

McCormick looks like he really wants the job.

Ennis has sick, sick hands.

Kevin Sundher looks like he has a favorite maneuver coming through the neutral zone: cutting up the left boards out of his zone, slicing across the neutral zone, and flying up the right boards on the attack. Happened two, three times.

Ryan Miller didn’t allow any goals in the 30 minutes he played. Surprise surprise.

Patrick Lalime got hung out to try on the two goals I saw get scored on him. Surprise surprise.

Stafford flattened Ennis in a corner. It’s gonna happen kid.

Pominville’s partial breakaway didn’t result in a goal, but holy damn the work he put in to create the chance was a thing of beauty.

Training camp started today. Preseason starts in 7 days. In 3 weeks, I’ll be at the home opener against the Rangers. Hockey is back and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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