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Myers Is The #1 Defenseman, But Who’s #2?


It became glaringly evident last season that Tyler Myers holds firm the #1 defenseman spot on the Buffalo Sabres’ roster and will probably not be challenged for it in the foreseeable future. But who plays along side him is about as clear as mud in a bog. After the jump, I’ll break down some of the possibilities of who gets to play second fiddle to The Big Easy.

Jordan Leopold
Most people have been pencilling in Leopold as Myers’ probable partner given his similarities to Tallinder, but I think the comparison is a bit off. I feel as though Leopold has better wheels than Tallinder, and would be more suited to playing on the second pair with his own stay-at-home defenseman. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having two zippy d-men in some situations, but Myers is the blueliner that will most often make up the final cog of the Sabres’ typical four-man rush so Leopold would be wasted on the top pair.

Mike Weber
Weber plays a strong stay-at-home game that consists of taking space away, blocking shots, and kicking the crap out of opposing players in his zone. His name was briefly floated as a possibility until Darcy Regier came out of left field by signing…

Shaone Morrisonn
Two words make me believe Morrisonn would be an apt partner for Tyler Myers: Mike Green. For the majority of Mike Green’s career in Washington, Morrisonn was his defensive partner. That meant covering for the high-flying blueliner while he zigged and zagged up the ice. It also meant cleaning up after his bone-headed mistakes. Shaone already has the skills necessary to back-up his offensive partner, but being paired with Myers would also mean he’d have a partner who could score and fly back on the backcheck to prevent an opposing scoring chance. It would give the Sabres a constant, steady back-end presence while providing the kind of coverage necessary for Myers to race back to his own end in times of need.

So there you have it, folks. My top pair for the 2010/2011 season going in to training camp is Morrisonn/Myers. Size, compatible playing styles, contrasting talent, and more size. Let’s see if they prove me right starting on Saturday.

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  1. Mark B permalink
    09/15/10 10:43 AM

    Absolutely agree. Morrisonn just makes too much sense not to at least be tried.


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