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Monday Morning Links, September 13


Sorry for the delay, folks – I was beat from the Bills game yesterday. So, without further ado, here’s Monday Morning Links for September 13th!

THE GOOSE’S ROOST – Pay No Attention To The Player Behind The Jersey
Ryan brings up a damn good point about how the Sabres operate (referencing his magnum opus post about “The System”). The die-hard fans may beg to differ, but he’s mostly right – the fans at the Puck Drop will be there for the new jerseys and not the scrimmage that will be taking place.

Katebits bids a fond farewell to one of her favorite players. What? No, I’m not tearing up. I’ve got something in my eye. Shut up!

SABRENOISE – Proper jersey etiquette is important
Like many other hockey fans, Jim has been kvetching over those Drew Brees jersey fouls being touted by the NFL in a new commercial. For convenience’s sake, he’s included some ground rules to help new fans avoid buying a sick jersey.
[[Editor’s note: Sick Jersey, Bro! better return for the new hockey season]]

HOCKEY RHETORIC – Blogs Incorporated
Paul offers up another fantastic take on an issue, this one being the blogger vs MSM conflict that so many hockey bloggers have tackled. What’s nice is he’s usually got a helluva perspective.

SABRES, NOT SLUGS! – One of the most memorable quotes from the Buffalo News in awhile…
Charlie quoted one of the best lines published in recent history in the Buffalo News. This has been your moment of zen.

PUCK DADDY – What We Learned: NFL season reminds us why hockey’s way better
Lambert, giving us the straight talk like usual, breaks down how the NFL season-opening weekend just helps prove hockey is far more awesome.

PRO HOCKEY TALK – Could four extra inches behind the net open up ‘Gretzky’s office’ again?
Joe links to a Boston Globe article and expounds on what shallower nets could do for the men who make plays rather than finish them.

PUCK THE MEDIA – What is the NHL Network’s Special Announcement on Wednesday?
Steve found out there’s a special announcement slated for 11AM on the NHL Network. Did you guys know about this? I didn’t. Wonder what it’s going to be.

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