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Those Leaked Jersey Pictures


You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. Those pictures that surfaced on Twitter yesterday have set everyone into a tizzy. But I’m going post them here because I like them so much. What kind of Black & Blue & Gold article would this be if I didn’t offer up my opinion? My thoughts after the jump.

I saw these pictures first when Chris from The Goose’s Roost re-tweeted them from Tom Doran. Shortly thereafter, Chris from Icethetics confirmed they are a match for the pictures he had seen . As he postulated in an entry last night, these could very well be intricate and well-built fakes but we won’t know for sure until the 18th.

So here we have the alleged new alternate jersey. I’m loving how the Bisons-inspired wordmark came out, and the two pairs of double golden stripes are snazzy. The only thing this jersey is missing is a crest accent to make it pop and shoulder patches, but otherwise I dig it.

And here we have the supposed new away jersey. Snappy little number, isn’t it? As opposed to the new 3rd jersey, I like the lack of shoulder patches on this one. The only change I would make is to switch the piping to navy instead of silver and that’s it.

That being said, this jersey has me feeling a little dubious toward the authenticity of it. The “pit stains” are shaped all wrong when compared to the former 3rd and new home jersey, and in my experience it’s those little niggling details that set apart authentic merchandise from well-crafted counterfeits. And because that picture has me doubting its authenticity, I’ve found myself doubting both. And before anyone can chime in with comments about how hard it would be to fake the merchandise tags and Reebok stitching on the jerseys, I accidentally bought my girlfriend a counterfeit Goose jersey that is impeccable…right down to the Reebok stitching.

Overall I think these jerseys are great and if they’re genuine, I’ll surely be buying at least a white away Myers jersey and navy home Ennis jersey. If I get that 40th anniversary, I don’t know if I’ll get it customized or leave it blank. I might not buy either and just caress my epic 2008/2009 Kelowna Rockets Tyler Myers jersey when it comes in for the duration of the season.

The 18th can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Rutledge permalink
    09/08/10 1:38 PM

    So, Im not to happy about the lack of shoulder patches on the away jersey. It almost looks bland to me. And I think the silver piping should be blue, i think i would make the jersey more eye popping. Now that being sad, it doesn’t mean I wont go get the white one cause I most likely will, just the lack of patches is a little disappointing.

  2. 09/08/10 4:53 PM

    If the third jersey looks anything similar to that, I might have to buy it with Ennis or someone else on the back. I love the homage to the Buffalo Bisons team of the old days. I’ve shown the leaked photos to a few others and they say they aren’t impressed, but I am. I’m a sucker for new merchandise.

    Now the real question is if I want to shell out dough for the jersey right when they come out or if I want to wait.

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