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Breaking Down Mobile Apps For The Hockey Addict


Ever notice how many people have mobile devices as opposed to mobile phones nowadays? Smartphones are an indispensable part of many lives and have apps that cater to seemingly every whim. This includes the hockey addict demographic. I’m going to go ahead and breakdown the top three hockey-centric apps for the mobile user.

NHL Ice Time
Ice Time is the NHL’s official app for smartphones, and is the least-feature laden of the three. While it does offer scoring updates and a schedule (which is de rigeur for any sports app), what little else it offers is the ability to pick your favorite team and scope out the roster. One cool feature is a live ice tracker like on the NHL’s gamecenter. I would recommend this for the slightly greater-than-casual hockey fan.

However, there is a Premium version of this app that makes it a bit of a gem – live game audio, video highlights, and condensed games are all features in the upgraded app. I would recommend this for the diehard fan who wants it all if they’re on the go. The crux is you have to get it to work – I can’t for some reason, and I’m not exactly tech stupid.
Availability: Blackberry OS, Verizon carrier only

Versus Hockey
The Versus NHL app offers the basic scoring and schedule updates, but also puts a strong focus on the latest hockey stories and blog pieces written by their growing stable of hockey writers. It’s not the best app out there – scrolling through scores is a pain and the UI is clunky – but the ease of use when it comes to scrolling through the latest articles makes it a nice program to take a chance on. I’d recommend it for diehards who are apt to focus on the news and opinions the most.
Availability: Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Android

The Hockey News
THN’s mobile app is, hands down, the best mobile app available for the diehard puck fan. Live scoring updates, a scrollable schedule, and news stories are all present and accounted for, but it’s the THN exclusive content that makes it the heavyweight champion. All of THN’s exclusive web content gets pushed right to their app, making it a convenient and portable way to keep an eye on what Ryan Kennedy, Ken Campbell, Adam Proteau, and The Hockey News’ other experts are thinking. Plus, you get all those great numbered lists and player interest pieces THN is known for. Once you download this app, it’s nearly the only one you’ll ever need. Recommended for any and every hockey fan.
Availability: Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Android

In the end if you really wanted to, you could download any hockey apps you want. But for the Blackberry user, all you need is THN and NHL Ice Time Premium (for Verizon subscribers). For Android users, it’s THN and whichever site you use to stream games at home (due to Android’s awesome inclusion of Adobe Flash 10.1). For iPhone users, you get the THN and Versus apps and whatever podcasts you want to download from NHL Radio (Sabres fans can also download the Lexus Shootout podcast).

These are the top apps I’m aware of…smartphone users (I’m looking at you two, Ryan and Chris from The Goose’s Roost), please comment with other awesome hockey apps you abuse on a daily basis.

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  1. 09/06/10 8:44 PM

    If you just want scores, the best app I have found is ScoreMobile

  2. 09/07/10 11:55 AM

    My favourite is the Versus NHL app. It’s the blog pieces which make it stand out.

  3. 09/07/10 1:43 PM

    I already had NHL Ice Time but I just downloaded The Hockey News. We’ll see how they stack up. Any thoughts on good fantasy hockey apps? We’re using ESPN for our league and there doesn’t seem to be a good one for them. Their MVP is kind of lame thusfar.

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