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Vulgar Statistics: Sabres Greats…of Awwwl Tyme!


Every Sabres player from 1987 forward, I’m real happy for ya n’all, but Gilbert Perreault was the greatest Sabre of AWWWL TYME!

But there are plenty of good ones.  Some of them are even on the roster today.  Let’s look at what milestones are in reach this season.

Games Played:

It’s probably a no-brainer for most fans that Gilbert Perreault leads this category (and about every other) for games played in a Sabres uniform with 1,191, and that no player on the roster today even approaches that mark.  But there are a few minor milestones that can be reached.

  • When Jochen Hecht suits up for the 23rd time this season, that will be his 500th career game as a Sabre.  Only the 24th player to do so.
  • Hecht, in his 65th game of the season, will tie Curtis Brown at 20th on the list of most games played as a Sabre.
  • Likewise, Derek Roy needs only 66 games this season to reach 500 games played himself, becoming the 25th player to do so, as long as Hecht does it first.


Again, Perreault is king, with 512, a full 130 above linemate and second place, Richard Martin.  It’s a record that likely won’t ever be challenged by any player on the current roster.

  • If Thomas Vanek manages to pot 28, he’ll hit the 200 mark, only the 11th Sabre to do so, and if he adds 11 more, he will tie Alexander Mogilny and break into the top 10.
  • Likewise, Tim Connolly needs 19 (a career year) in order to net his 100th goal as a Sabre, becoming the 31st player to reach that tally.


Rob Ray leads this category…wait I’m getting ahead of myself.  It’s Gilbert Perreault again with 814, nearly double Dave Andreychuk’s second place 436.

  • Derek Roy is only 42 away from tying Michael Ramsey for tenth place all time, a feat that seems impressive since he hasn’t had a terribly long tenure with the team.
  • Tim Connolly is only 18 behind him, and math tells me that means he needs 60 assists to reach the same mark.  Don’t get hurt Tim!


Gilbert Pearreault is pretty much the man since he leads the team in points too with 1,326, and again, no one on the team now is anywhere near that mark, but quite a few players are making their way there.

Thomas Vanek needs only 10 points to join Pierre Turgeon in the top 20 all time.  Jason Pominville is right behind him needing 17, with linemate and life partner Jochen Hecht only two back himself at 19.  Tim Connolly brings up the rear needing 35 to hit that same mark provided he doesn’t sneeze on himself and shatter his femur.

Penalty Minutes:

Robert Ray, the shirtless wonder heads this category with 3,189 career penalty minutes which comes as a complete surprise to absolutely no one.  That means Ray has spent 2 days, 5 hours, and 9 minutes of his life sitting in the penalty box.  Second place Mike Foligno could spend an entire day eating, sleeping, and taking a dump in the box and he still wouldn’t reach Ray’s mark.  Astounding.

Only Paul Gaustad is within range of any milestone worth mentioning as 86 PIM this season will net him 500 all time making him the very Lindy Ruffian 22nd player to do so.

Power Play Goals:

Thomas Vanek is already a ppg maven, placing 5th all time with 78, though he’s still far behind Dave Andreychuk’s 161 in a rare offensive category that Gilbert Perreault doesn’t own.  Still, Vanek needs only four to pass 4th place Alexander Mogilny, but after that it’s another 35 power play tallies to reach Richard Martin’s 114.

Short Handed Goals:

Craig Ramsay leads all comers with 27 short handed goals, and after Don Luce’s second place 25, it’s a pretty steep dropoff.  All Derek Roy needs is 1 and he’ll join five players that are tied for 8th including the great Gilbert Perreault himself.

Game Winning Goals:

You can say what you want about Thomas Vanek, and the contract he has, but the fact remains that he is one of the premier players in Sabres history at tallying game winners.  His 29 place him in 12th, and he needs only one to join Donald Audette and company in the top ten.  If he keeps that pace over the course of his career, he’ll break Gilbert Perreault’s record of 81, and he’ll do it in 3 fewer seasons.

Overtime Goals:

I don’t know long this has been logged as a stat, but the numbers tell me that Danny Briere heads the column with only 5.  That means with 2 overtime goals, Thomas Vanek will move into a tie for 1st place, all time in the Sabres history books.  I would love to pull that stat out every time someone starts whining about Vanek’s value.

So there you have it.  There are several other minor milestones that can be reached as well (Tyler Myers playing in his 100th career game, etc.) and still more that are within the realm of possibility so long as said player has a career year.  I presented the most likely scenarios and hopefully haven’t jinxed half our team into coming down with season ending swine flu.  Feel free to visit the Sabres stats page and peruse our pretty awesome history.

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