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A Big Month For Black & Blue & Gold


It’s officially September, and that means NHL training camps will be starting and finishing and the preseason will be upon us. It also means the Bills will play a few games to help tide us hockey fans over for a month, the Bisons will miss the playoffs again (after such a blistering start to the season, too), and my favorite time of year – winter – is one month closer! Lastly, it means some big things are coming up for Black & Blue & Gold.

I’m going to the Bisons’ home finale tomorrow (6:05PM first pitch, I believe), so why don’t you join me for a couple of beers and some absolutely horrible between-innings entertainment? Get in touch with me via either e-mail or Twitter if you wanna toss a cold one back one last time during the 2010 Bisons season.

Also, my girlfriend and I will be taking my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend Tim to their first Bills home game on the 12th. That’s right, their first ever home game will be a Squish The Fish game to open the season! They’re both from Las Vegas, and in all actuality, they’ve only been to one Bills game period – Bills at Cardinals in 2008. We all know what happened that game. Ugh. Anyway, if you’re going to the opener and want to find us tailgating before the game, again, get at me via e-mail or Twitter. If you’ve got my number, just text me!

On the 18th, I’ll be attending the Puck Drop at HSBC Arena to open training camp. Of course, I’ll be tweeting updates during the thing, so keep an eye out for information on the jerseys and my opinions on the guys as they scrimmage in front of a few thousand fans! I’ll even try to tweet a pic of the new duds as well.

One the 25th, I’ll be hosting a Cover It Live chat for Sabres fans to discuss the new blood, Miller’s and Myers’ expectations, and a whole slew of other things. It’ll start promptly at 12PM and end at 2:30PM, giving you plenty of time to do whatever you do before you tune in to WGR to listen to RJ and Harry call the first preseason game of the year! If you’re a blogger, e-mail me if you want to be a panelist or whatever. The more the merrier, I say, and there are plenty of Sabres bloggers to go around!

In addition to everything Buffalo sports I’ve already mentioned, I’ll also be covering as many Jamestown Jets games as I can manage to get to. It’s an exciting year for the Jets as they’ve moved up into a bigger league yet again, this time into the Greater Metro Hockey League, a Tier II Junior A league that operates out of Ontario. This is big news for the Jets, who have consistently advanced their players into higher levels of play. Their new schedule has yet to be released, but when it does, I’ll let you guys know what games I’ll be at (this is especially for my small Southern Tier readership).

On top of all of that, expect my posting to become consistent again. That means the return of Monday Morning Links, the continued appearances of Alex in his weekly Vulgar Statistics series, and an average posting rate of about one entry per day (maybe even more!). I’ll even return to doing my weekly “PHILosophies” opinion pieces for Buffalo Sports Now. Sadly, I’ll be discontinuing Metal Thrashing Thursday and eliminating The Jukebox. While I love me some metal (and music in general), neither feature seems to get much love on B&B&G. So, a fond farewell to Metal Thrashing Thursday and The Jukebox.

Finally, sometime this month I’ll be interviewing the men behind Buffalo’s newest culinary craze, Lloyd! I’ll talk to the guys about their inspiration, their early trials and tribulations, what’s in store for the taco truck, and I’ll pick their brains about random stuff as well.

It’s gonna be a big month for Black & Blue & Gold, yes it is. I hope you guys will be around to enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. 09/01/10 2:48 PM

    Dude. The Bisons I want to go to the Bisons game!

    • 09/01/10 2:49 PM

      woah why did I say “The Bisons” twice. I don’t even know but I think it means that I really want to go.

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