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Monday Morning Links, August 9


I’m mixing things up this morning with a recommended reading-style post instead of just listing individual posts to check out. Hope it’s the bomb diggity!

SabreTake is written by a few dudes and they’ve got a choice series going on right now wherein they’ve been predicting how each member of the roster’s season might go in 2010/2011.

Puck The Media is one of the best NHL blogs, period. Steve Lepore does all the heavy lifting of compiling TV ratings and whatnot throughout the season and playoffs so you don’t have to. His hard work makes Puck The Media an indispensable utility for hardcore hockey fans, right up there with CapGeek and The Internet Hockey Database.

There aren’t nearly as many Bills blogs out there as compared to the mess of Sabres blogs, but Buffalo Rumblings makes up for that. They’re SB Nation’s Bills blog, so you know they’re quality. I’m not nearly as diehard for football as I am for hockey, so this is the only blog I follow so that I can circle the wagons.

Metal Sucks is bar none my favorite metal blog. The dudes that write it are hilarious (reading them verbally teeing off on Juggalos and Westboro Baptist Church make my heart smile) and they have some great, great content. Plus, their readers are called Suckalos HAH.

Metal Underground is what Metal Sucks would be if those dorks became 100% professional writers. MU is great for stories, interviews, and a sweet sidebar with all the upcoming releases. Love that kind of stuff.

Topless Robot is to geekery as Metal Sucks is to heavy metal, and I love it for that. Rob does some of the craziest and best lists in all of nerd-dom, and his sarcasm is top notch. A little heavy on the masturbatory jokes, but the dirty S.O.B. inside of me cackles mercilessly at them anyways.

Io9 is Gawker Network’s science fiction site, and it’s top effin notch. They cover anything that might be able to fall under sci-fi’s massive umbrella and even do some entries on hard science. I actually learned why the sky is blue because of Io9, and immediately taught it to my munchkin. I hope he remembered it hah.

Kotaku is Io9’s gamer equivalent in the Gawker Network. Their Comic Con and E3 coverage is second to none, and they do somewhere in the avenue of 10 posts a day. Ridiculous content. I could read it all day. They also take care of the anime geeks pretty nicely, too (which should be a given since their name is “otaku” with a K attached on the front hah).

GeekDad is a Wired blog, so that right there says quality. It focuses on cool stuff that dads who grew up nerds and geeks can do with their kids to raise a whole new generation. It has seriously become one of my favorite blogs, and it’s inspired me so much on things to do with Joshua. It’s one of the best blogs, IMO.

Well, there you have it folks. There’s my recommended reading list. The Sabres & NHL section could be a lot bigger, but chances are you read a ton of Sabres and NHL blogs anyways. If you don’t, my blogroll is packed to the brim with quality reads.

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