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My Name is Criminally Vulgar…


…and thus a legend was born.

Good afternoon Sirs, Madams, other uncategorized members of the human species, and Senators fans.  I am the newest member of the Black and Blue and Gold team, as Phil has so wonderfully explained.  I author A Criminally Vulgar Blog over on blogger (not for the faint of heart).  When I broke the news over on my blog, I did a quick Q&A, and since I am not creative (lies!) and enjoy conversing with myself, I shall do the same here.

Who are you?
I am Alex, stranger to many, friend to few.  I first met Phil in person on a lonely February night in the heart of the Syracuse ghetto.  Which is all of Syracuse, at a fine establishment called Tully’s.  I’ve been an avid poster on the Sabres message boards, wherever they may lie since the summer of 2007, which is where Phil and I first began talking.

What will you be writing?
To quote Hamlet, “words…words…words!”  It will be, as Phil said, a Sabres-related column, most often focusing around statistics, my bread and butter.  I promise not to use that many commas too often.

An amateur statistician?
Yes.  To give a little background info, I majored in Engineering at Clarkson University, so I’m no stranger to meddling with numbers.  My claim to fame is an Excel file dubbed “The Ruiner,” ten tabs worth of attendance, market, and ticket data for every NHL team dating back to the 1989-90 season.  It’s purpose is two-fold, to offer numerical proof of the superiority of the Buffalo market, and numerical proof of the inferiority of various other NHL markets.

I’m more excited than Larry Quinn at the Dollar Store, when will you post?
Sundays, I’m thinking of shooting for a 2:30 post-time, since we’ll all need something to take our minds off of those pesky first halves of Bills games.

I’m looking forward to posting, comments from the loyal readers, and slowly taking over the world via Excel files.  Cheers!

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