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Monday Morning Links, August 2


There really isn’t much to talk about in the Buffalo sports world right now (besides Billy Dee Smith supposedly suffering a torn ACL during the gold medal game of the World Lacrosse Championships, which would SUCK), so today’s installment is gonna be light on the sports and heavy on damn near anything else I can think of!

DIE BY THE BLADE – All-Time Number Debate – Number 00
Zachary launches a new feature highlighting the best Sabres to wear each number to celebrate the 40th anniversary. First up? Everyone’s favorite French-Buffalonian.

SABRETAKE – Down the Road: Drew Stafford
New blog SabreTake (read it!) has been doing a feature where they’ve been predicting each and every Sabre’s statline for the upcoming season. Ryan’s latest is on Drew Stafford, and it also features the best photo of a hockey player posing with two furries ever.

BUFFALO RUMBLINGS – Schefter: Spiller “Won’t Be In Camp For A Little While”
Brian talks about how Adam Schefter is playing a hunch that CJ Spiller is going to continue to hold out. Even in my limited dealings in the football mediasphere (I’ll admit, I’m more casual toward football), I’ve come to the conclusion that Schefter can be a dink. And if some of his “legit” sources can be downright wrong, here’s hoping is hunch is ridiculous and Spiller signs today.

BUFFALO RISING – Sneak Peek @ Blue Monk
I’ll admit that I bemoan the loss of Merlin’s, but this new beer garden looks to be quite a treat. Buffalo Rising head honcho Newell Nussbaumer (under his pseudonym “queenseyes”) does a great report on the goings-on at the yet-to-open Blue Monk. I’ll be there for opening night, for sure!

IO9 – The tenets of dieselpunk culture
So, here are the rules to dieselpunk. I suppose we’ll file this thing right next to cyberpunk and steampunk. I get the whole subculture thing, I guess, but really it just says to me you want to dress up like 1940’s-era folks and such.

TOPLESS ROBOT – 10 NES Games Based On R-Rated Movies
Platoon had a video game? Really, Platoon had a video game. But seriously, Platoon had a video game?

OK, so by light I guess I meant that the posts would fall even in the battle of sports vs not. Whatever. I’m glad I got this pounded out, though, because it means a return to my routine!

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