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Monday Morning Links, July 12


It’s July 12, the morning after Spain gave the Dutch their record third World Cup final loss and FC Buffalo pitched a clean sheet to close out their first season. Let’s get to the links!

THE BUFFALO NEWS – Sutch takes it all in stride with Sabres
Sabres writer John Vogl talks about newly-drafted prospect Gregg Sutch’s hearing disability and how the young hockey player copes with it as well as his injury-riddled season last year with the Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors.

HOCKEY RHETORIC – Lalimination
Paul offers us readers his deep thoughts yet again, this time about the re-signing of Patrick Lalime and how it concerns him. Not one to spew short-sighted reasons, he backs up his reasoning with hard numbers and well-crafted thoughts.

ROLL THE HIGHLIGHT FILM – On the Lalime re-signing
Mike also offers us his view on Patrick Lalime’s retention by the Sabres. His entry is written from the opposite direction as Paul’s, one of acceptance.

SABRES PROSPECTS – Summer school wraps up for future hopefuls
Kris once again does a spectacular job covering the prospects, this time from the media perch at Niagara University’s Dwyer Arena. Have a read of his fantastic and deep assessment of the kiddos.

SABRENOISE – Does Size Really Matter?
Michael, spurred onward by an exchange about Nathan Gerbe’s size with me, decided to answer the question once and for all – does size really matter in the NHL – by examining the past playoffs’ crop of series. The results were closer than you might think.

PUCK DADDY – About ESPN, SportsCenter, and its perceived anti-hockey bias
Greg Wyshynski addresses ESPN’s presumed apathy toward hockey and picks apart the network’s sad defenses in the process. Hockey fans, everywhere, do yourself a favor and bookmark – you’re better off with Canada’s incarnation of ESPN than the original article.

TOP SHELF – Final Word On Bucky Gleason (Okay, For Now)
Heather B., one of Bucky Gleason’s most ardent critics among the Sabres blogosphere, addresses again his (and on the whole, the majority of the Buffalo News’ hockey department) seemingly laissez-faire attitude toward the intelligent content put worth by the writing staff. She says she’s done for now, but we know he’ll say something idiotic in the future that gets her to bare her fangs again heh.

IO9 – 25 collectibles to covet at Comic-Con
Holy freakin’ crap, check out the amazing exclusive collectibles available at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I’m especially lustful toward that Zentradi Battle Pod from Macross (or Robotech, depending on which version you fell in love with).

KOTAKU – Lawsuit: Activision Created Modern Warfare “Police State”
Some truly bizarre stuff was going in between Activision and the development house Infinity Ward. So bizarre that 40 key members no longer work there and are suing Activision for creating a state of martial law. What the huh? File this one under “So strange, it just might be true.”

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