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Metal Thrashing Thursday!


Put on your denim and leather and crank up the stereo, it’s Metal Thrashing Thursday time again! In this episode, I’ll discuss Ireland’s masters of epic pagan metal and their recently re-issued 2000 album, the popularity of new vinyl releases among the metal crowd, and a promising heavy Buffalo duo with a great sound.

Primordial Spirits The Earth Aflame Again

Primordial, Ireland’s masters of epic pagan metal, have just re-released a landmark early album with a disc full of great covers and other odd Primordial tracks. Fronted and guided by Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill, Primordial’s sound has evolved from crude standard black metal stuff to their distinct sound over the course of five studio albums spanning almost two decades. Their trademark sound started to emerge during 2000’s Spirit The Earth Aflame, which is the album that was re-released on July 6th. Primordial finalized the sound they’ve become famous for on 2005’s The Gathering Wilderness. Their latest new efforts are 2007’s dark masterpiece To The Nameless Dead and 2010’s live DVD All Empires Fall.

The bonus disc on Spirit The Earth Aflame features various covers from bands such as Bathory and Rotting Christ, with older Primordial tunes such as “The Darkest Flame” and “Among The Lazarae”. This re-issue is a good starting point for fans of black metal, but for fans with less specific taste in their heavy music, To The Nameless Dead is the best place to get acquainted.

Metal Helps Re-Popularize Vinyl

It seems that the 12″ vinyl record has made a big comeback in recent years, and the eagerness to release album on wax of hard rock and heavy metal bands may be a big factor in this surge in popularity. Couple that with the success of the fairly-new Record Store Day and the rising price of CDs, and a record looks like an attractive alternative with beautiful album art and unique inserts. On top of that, it seems many new records coming out these days include a card for a free digital download of the entire album – what more could a music lover want?

Part of the fun of collecting records is tracking down rare, colored editions of my favorite albums or sifting through boxes in record stores for old releases of classic LPs. If you’ve got a turntable or have been thinking about buying one, go for it and then have a grand time perusing the racks and boxes in Buffalo’s local record stores. There’s Record Baron in Kenmore and Record Theater’s two surviving locations at 1800 Main St and 3500 Main St. There’s also North Buffalo’s Spiral Scratch, which is recovering from a fire which did a lot of damage to the inside of the store. It’s a great little store, so keep an eye on the Facebook page for news and updates.

Sonorous Gale – A Buffalo Duo With A Wall Of Sound

Stashed within Buffalo diverse underground music scene chock full of an assortment of artists spread across a number of genres and styles is the rock and roll duo, Sonorous Gale. Treading somewhere within the drone of stoner rock and the cacophony of post-metal since 2006, Sonorous Gale is made up of bassist/vocalist Aaron and drummer Steve. The band released their first LP, Two’s A Crowd, last year on Wrong Foot Recordings in a limited 500-piece run of white vinyl featuring artwork by a Buffalo artist. Support your local music scene and pick up this great album.

Sonorous Gale will be performing in Buffalo next on August 26th at a venue to be determined.

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  1. zombiehead1 permalink
    07/09/10 2:31 AM

    Man…Sonorous gale is really good!

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