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Lalime’s Sabres Farewell Tour Kicks Off This October


Today, Darcy Regier threw his all-star goaltender (or as Amanda from Two Minutes For Roughing calls him, Golden Ticket) a bone by re-signing his back-up goaltender. While Sabres fans have expectedly gnashed their teeth at the choice to bring back Lalime, when your franchise goaltender personally thanks his back-up on national television, you do what you can to keep him happy. After all, we don’t want another Hasek situation on our hands, do we?

I won’t lie, I booed Patrick Lalime unmercifully during that Minnesota game last season (Shelby from Puck Over The Glass does not approve). But for a mere $600K, you really can’t go wrong with any back-up goaltender – except Vesa Toskala or Dan Cloutier, but that goes without saying. Besides, Enroth isn’t ready yet and would him sitting on the bench for 65 games really be what he needed? No, he ought to be out there playing as the starter for the Portland Pirates.

As much as Patrick Lalime can suck on any given night, it’s Lindy Ruff failing to effectively use his goalie rotation that could be considered the root for a lot of the back-up problems on this team. It goes back beyond Lalime, past Thibault, all the way to the end of Biron’s time here in 2006 when he got sent to Philly and Darcy brought in Ty Conklin to back Miller up through the playoffs. When Lindy learns how to give his back-up some consistency things will look up. (Stick-tap to Ryan from The Goose’s Roost for bringing that up today on Twitter)

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  1. 07/07/10 8:36 PM

    Hey, thanks for the mention even though I wasn’t happy with the booing. 😛

    As I said on Twitter, that is the ONE thing that has frequently bothered me with Lindy since I started to follow hockey. His ability to properly use the backup goaltender is practically non-existent. You have one for a reason. Does anyone want to see Miller playing 75+ a year like he did when Thibault was here? Not me.

  2. Don permalink
    07/08/10 10:54 AM

    Although I too am guilty of being a Lalime boo-bird, for the money and considering his stats from last season, you really can’t go wrong with this signing. If it keeps Miller happy and keeps a sense of familiarity in the goaltending department, then I’m kosher with this. You never want to screw with your # 1 goalie’s mind so keeping his buds around makes sense in this case.

    I just hope he doesn’t feel the same about Connolly or Stafford 😛

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