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Monday Morning Links, July 5


Free agency started last week on Thursday and a lot has happened since then. At least, on nearly everyone else’s radar. It’s been mostly quiet at One Seymour H. Knox III Plaza, but a weak free agent class will do that to a typically-conservative manager like Darcy Regier.

THE GOOSE’S ROOST – Are You a Free Agency Expert?
Ryan over at TGR addresses the rioting Sabres fans who ready the pitchforks and torches before the first day of free agency has expired. Unintentionally, in my post on the same issue, I aped the same schtick for my title. Not copying you, Ryan, I swear.

BOB’S CHAIR – Hockey’s first day of free agency, and I have no clue.
New Sabres blogger Kate-O readily admits that she never gave a hoot about hockey before the 2010 Vancouver games, but she’s clearly smitten with the game after a certain Michigan-born goaltender took the world by storm. Check out her hilarious take on her first free agency ever.

BLITZERS – July 11th home finale: Not your normal halftime show!
There’s gonna be rubgy during the halftime show of FC Buffalo’s first home season finale. How cool is that?

NATIONAL POST – Burke keeps his promise
Bruce Arthur writes a tear-jerking piece on how Brian Burke honors the promise he made to his son before he tragically passed and how he continues to use his position in the spotlight to work toward his son’s goals.

BBC NEWS – Africa ‘witnessing birth of a new ocean’
BBC Science reporter Matt McGrath revisits an exciting discovery from 2005 with current updates on the most exciting geological news of the decade and possibly last 110 years – a new ocean is starting to form that will cut off part of Africa.

IO9 – Titan’s atmosphere is ideal for creating life
Alasdair Wilkins postulates in this entry on the popular science-fiction site that the conditions on Saturn’s most famous moon are just right to start producing unique forms of methane-friendly life. It’s a shocking discovery to say the least.

A couple of things – sardonic blog 3rd Man In has a new theme (nice choice, Eric – looks familiar heh) and should be coming back this week, while Top Shelf‘s Heather B. is going through a transitional period as she’s seen the departure of her favorite player, the end of an era, and the introduction of a brand-new theme all in a matter of days. Do lend her a word of support, will you?

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