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Twitter On Free Agency Day A Must – BBG’s List Of Following Essentials


As a hockey fan, you make use of Twitter, aye? The answer should be a resounding ‘yes’. Some leagues may do the whole Twitter thing, but no league has been as friendly with social media as the NHL has and because of it, Twitter has become a more powerful tool to the hockey world – and its fans – than to other leagues and sports.

But what if you aren’t a hockey fan on Twitter? First, you need to sign up for an account. Now that we’ve got that settled, if you’re new to the game or have been using it for a while but don’t know who’s good to follow, here is Black & Blue & Gold’s List Of Essential Hockey Personalities To Follow!

Your first order of business as a hockey fan on Twitter is to follow these two lists: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada list and TSN’s list of hockey experts. Then, follow ESPN’s trio of NHL insiders (Pierre LeBrun, Scott Burnside, and John Buccigross). Next, follow USA Today’s Kevin Allen, The Sporting News’ Craig Custance, and Sports Illustrated’s Darren Eliot. From there be sure to add Puck Daddy’s gang of hooligans (Greg Wyshynski, Sean Leahy, Dmitry Chesnokov, Justin Bourne, and Ryan Lambert). For rumors, throw in Spector’s Hockey’s Lyle Richardson and The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta. Finally, you can’t do without Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle and The Hockey News itself.

(UPDATE: Yea, all of that up there that’s crossed out? Ignore it and follow this list I assembled of every one of those accounts prevously listed.)

Now, seeing as my readership is primarily Buffalo fans, you’ve got two options – go through the pain-staking process of trying to find every Sabres fan, writer, and official account manually or follow John Lynch’s comprehensive list, seeing as he did all the hard work for us!

Lastly, some advice. First, it would behoove you to download TweetDeck so you can have all of your lists and followed users on screen at once for optimum tweet coverage. Secondly, NHL fans are notorious for crashing Twitter, so don’t freak out when it happens. Third and final of all, the most Sabres chatter you’ll see is fans either angry or disappointed someone did or didn’t sign here. Just roll with it.

That’s everything, folks, so go forth and tweet!

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