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Monday Morning Links, June 28


Today marks the first installment of my new weekly links series. I’ll keep the Sabres and other Buffalo sports links above the jump and anything else below. (I know it’s no longer morning, but I started this before Noon and ended up getting side-tracked by errands and shoddy wi-fi)

TOP SHELF – GM for a day
Heather B. spent some time a few days ago doing something that’s become a bit of a past time for Sabres fans – ripping apart Bucky Gleason’s annual “GM For The Day” column. As usual, the fans who don’t get paid except in sweat and effort are more in tune with what’s up than that hack of a journalist.

SABRES HOCKEY CENTRAL – Sabres Draft Analysis
Adam Qutaishat approaches his analysis of the draft from a stance not a lot have chosen to pick up on – that the Sabres looked caught off guard at time and pulled the trigger rather hastily. It’s a good, if short, read on their picks.

OUTSPORTS – Brent Sopel thinks gay pride is ‘awesome’
Outports’ Ross Forman has a great write-up of Brent Sopel’s participation in and comments on Chicago’s pride parade, Brendan Burke, and his feelings on a teammate coming out.

PUCK DADDY – The 10 most awkward NHL Draft rookie glamour shots
Greg Wyshynski has assembled what he feels to be the oddest glamour shots from the first round of the NHL Entry Draft. Have a look at wacky Russian prospect Kirill Kabanov’s book-end photos and tell me that kid isn’t a firecracker.

NLL INSIDER – Gary Rosenbach decreases interest in Orlando Titans, alters ownership structure, questions arise over franchise’s stability
Paul Tutka reports that the majority ownership of the recently-relocated Orlando Titans is looking to decrease his involvement with the organization. Could the team already be in financial dire straits after one season? Opposing general managers are already preparing for a hypothetical dispersal draft. Uh-oh.

TOPLESS ROBOT – The Doctor Plays His Own Theme Song
Rob Bricken posted an amazing video this morning – current Doctor Matt Smith joining Orbital on stage to close out the Glastonbury Music Festival with what could be the coolest/best/gnarliest rendition of the Doctor Who theme ever. A fun debate is raging in the comments – is playing your own theme song akin to the crime that is wearing your own tee-shirt on stage? I say no, and my comment on Topless Robot explains why.

TAVERNCRAFT – World of Warcraft stein collection
TAVERNCRAFT – Warhammer Online stein collection
I don’t play either game (although I am a massive traditional WarCraft fan), but it’s hard to ignore the allure of both franchises if you’re a huge nerd. It’s especially hard to ignore these steins if you’re a huge nerd and you like beer. Pricey as hell ($99.99 to $159.99), these are for serious collectors only. Personally, I dig the Warhammer offerings more.

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