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The Never-Ending Biron Blather


It’s never going to stop, is it? Not until he re-signs here or retires.

What is it about Marty Biron that people just refuse to let go? In all honesty, there is a ton to like about him. He’s chatty and gives some of the best interviews in league history, he talks mountains of trash at opponents, he’s got eyes the puck bunnies love to pieces, and he had an NHL rule created because of him. I’m sure no one will forget him wearing 00 in pre-season in 1995 or calling out Eric Staal for being a pathetic diver. Hell, I just closed the deal on a red Biron jersey from 05/06.

Pleasant memories do not make an inevitable comeback, though. People need to realize that all the Facebook groups, rumor mongering, and Marty sightings aren’t going to bring him back. Only Darcy Regier and an evaluation of the goaltending situation that Regier thinks is suitable for a comeback will.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Biron backing up Miller again. He’s one of the best locker room guys in the business and is a very able backup goaltender. But there’s better out there. The Sabres could look at “Moose” Hedberg or Dan Ellis or Peter Budaj and they’d see a better goaltender than Biron for the same if not slightly more money. And Biron coming back does make a degree of sense, with him loving the area and having never moved away after his trade to Philadelphia, but it’s not gonna make it a done deal no matter what the sentimentalist fans tell you.

Signing Biron this off-season to backup Miller might be a good move and an easy move, but it might not be the best move. It’s too bad the Marty zealots refuse to see that. And it’s only going to get worse now that Halak has been traded to St. Louis and they need a cheap backup. People are already claiming Biron will go that way for a chance to play in his native province. So now a Quebecois regiment of that army has been formed.

Lord Stanley help us all.

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  1. Jay permalink
    06/17/10 5:02 PM

    Well I think the big thing is that, Ruff has never used a backup like he used Marty, and Miller always seems to get worn down late in the season. Even this year, there was some evidence of it in the playoffs. Albeit Miller was very, very good in the playoffs, there were still some softies that went in, and it leads me to question if he wasn’t just worn down and beat up after such a long year. I agree that Marty isn’t the best back up goalie available, but at the same time, he brings a level of comfort to guys that have been there, and a coaching staff that knows him.

    Sometimes that is just as, if not more important than the players talent. Finding a comfort zone for both him, his teammates, and his coaching staff. I think the Sabres locker room offers that, and that’s why Marty belongs back here. Plus we need to bring back Mic’d Up!

    • 06/17/10 5:07 PM

      That’s a point the Marty zealots never bring up, and it is a very valid one. The way Lindy Ruff uses his goaltenders, perhaps finding the comfortable fit for everyone may be the best option for Darcy to take.

      And yes, I miss Mic’d Up, too!

      • Jay permalink
        06/17/10 5:10 PM

        I agree, the Zealots want him so they can pull out their old nostalgic jerseys, and wank it to the fact we’re getting the 05-06 band back together.

        A hockey guy wants it for the reasons I stated above.

        Although would the Church of Grier, and the Zion of Biron be able to coexist?

  2. 06/17/10 5:11 PM

    They did once, so I don’t see why not haha.

    Honestly, though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Biron back and I’m sure he’d be a good fit. I just want to see Johan Hedberg or Dan Ellis in a Sabres uniform.

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