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The Almost-Halcyon Days Of Buffalo


Buffalo lives and dies with her two top-tier sports teams, this much is true. But what about that brief period of time when neither team is in season? Fellow Buffalonians, we are in the middle of what I call “The Almost Halcyon Days” of Buffalo, NY.

Sure, some of us are still gnashing our teeth at another failed Sabres season or wringing our hands at the thought of the Bills sucking for yet another year, but right now life couldn’t be better for the sons and daughters of the Queen City. Thursday In The Square has just started, the Allentown Art Festival is right around the corner (speaking of, Mark from Queen City Chronicles has a great post about the festival), and we have the Taste of Buffalo to look forward to. Then there’s the Bisons, who have been doing OK this season with some good talent and assumingly-improved crowds. Who doesn’t love a coupla Sahlen’s hot dogs and some cold Blue at the ballpark on Washington? I’m not even a baseball fan and I don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy it. There’s even a new soccer club in town that plays at Robert E. Rich Sr. All High Stadium, FC Buffalo, who provide an affordable, family friendly environment and entertainment.

So let’s enjoy this peace of mind that Buffalo summers give us, and celebrate the gorgeous weather we enjoy starting in June, by taking the kids (or little siblings) to the zoo, or buying a couple of ice cream bars from the omnipresent ice cream bicycles in the park, or grabbing some chow from Louie’s and strolling up Elmwood window shopping, or any of the other dozens of amenities we embrace in the summer. After all, what kind of city cherishes her summer more than one maligned for her winters?

Don’t forget to have fun in Buffalo in the summer. There’s time to worry about the Sabres and Bills when the weather becomes less friendly. See you guys tomorrow at the art festival.

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  1. 06/11/10 5:21 PM

    Couldn’t agree more, Phil. And thanks for the plug!

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