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I’m Buying Ron MacClean A Pint If We Ever Meet


Heroes are ordinary people who perform an extraordinary feat, right? Then Ron MacClean, one of the two hosts of Hockey Night in Canada for those of you who aren’t hockey freaks (why are you reading my blog? Get off my lawn!), is most certainly a hero.

First, Jeff Marek tweeted this about two hours ago, which sent the hockey-loving users of Twitter into a frenzy. Now, the Globe and Mail has a story up further detailing the rescue.

Ron freakin’ MacClean, acting instinctively, grabbed a velvet rope and jumped a wrought-iron fence into the Delaware River in Philly to help save a man’s life. That’s heroism right there. Just a dude and his buddy (in this case, Don Cherry) are having lunch on a patio, when a woman stricken with fear comes running up the riverbank. He doesn’t panic. He just springs into action.

Ron MacClean is a hero. And he’s got a free pint of whatever he wants waiting for him if we ever meet.

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