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Newsflash: Lady Puck-Heads Hate To Be Called “Puck Bunnies”


Did you know that true female hockey fans will most likely slug you for calling them puck bunnies? It’s true. Ask Caroline at Hockey Night in Buffalo or Amy at Shots Off The Crossbar or Amanda at Two Minutes For Roughing and they’ll tell ya. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the Sabres have one of the most knowledgeable female fanbases in the league, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say so.

But some dink at The Daily Beast doesn’t think there’s much more to being a lady hockey fan than just being a puck bunny. He even posted a story with this viewpoint. Needless to say, it’s angered a couple of my homegirls I’ve previously listed.

As a dude, there’s only one situation I can think of where I have to defend being a fan of the sport and not just of the sex appeal – lady’s tennis. I love tennis and I’ll watch whoever is playing if there’s a match on, but I catch some flack for watching the ladies because they wear tiny outfits. These are women who feel sexy in their own skin and don’t mind showing off how good they look while showing off how good they are. But as a guy, it’s automatically assumed I’m watching for the gratuitous up-skirt action instead of the game itself, and while I don’t get as up-in-arms about this accusation as lady hockey fans do (and they get deservedly riled-up), it does incense me.

There’s a bit of a ridiculous set of gender stereotypes about women watching sports played by men because it’s just assumed they’re watching for the hunky athletes, and it’s asinine. In this day and age, women are just as in tune to the sporting world as men (and some, much more so), and I say if people want to continue to post such drivel, let em. After all, Hell hath no fury like a woman sports fan scorned.

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