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Marshawn Lynch Is A Doofus (or How I Ignored Beast Mode and Learned To Love Action Jackson)


Oh, my! It’s a rare Bills post!

It didn’t take long for the Beast Mode Bandwagon to empty, now did it? For those few of you going “Huh?” and scratching your head, I’ll break it down. While Marshawn Lynch, he of preternatural running talent and legs that never stop moving, was busy getting into off-season shenanigans, Fred Jackson emerged as a likable talent in the backfield. It’s been two seasons of disappointment from Lynch, as he’s shown an inability to read run blocks and seems to look for contact while getting into trouble in the summer. That’s not how it works, pal. Gotta behave off the field and perform on the field. Meanwhile, Fred Jackson has been writing himself a Cinderella story as he continues to succeed. Undrafted out of DIII Coe College, Jackson wandered the Euro and Arena leagues before being signed to the Bills practice squad. After paying his dues, he broke out last season with great numbers and a cult following that he, by all rights, shouldn’t have.

As we get closer and closer to the 2010 season, Marshawn Lynch’s empty words to make OTAs and improve himself to get back to the top of his game are showing through. He hasn’t been to one activity yet. This is speaking a lot to his character, and it’s even making Fred Jackson look better. Sure, he isn’t as talented, but Action Jackson has a personality Buffalo fans love. He worked hard as hell to get where he is, and he doesn’t back down. He’s got a great head on his shoulders, as evidenced by his ability to find holes where there are none.

People who know me have known I’m a big Jackson fan, so this post comes as no surprise to them. I’ll be expecting big things out of him this season, starting with opening day when I treat my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend (who are both from Vegas) to their first-ever Buffalo Bills home game.

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  1. lisa k permalink
    06/04/10 11:08 PM

    I am excited for the game cousin!!

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