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Playoffs Whimsy


It’s the week between the end of the conference finals and the beginning of the Cup and I was feeling whimsical, so let’s get down to some randomness.

– Scott Hartnell has officially won the Best Playoff Beard award for this season…and for all time as well.
Greg Wyshynski put it best – “Chewbacca looks at this thing and thinks Hartnell let himself go.”

However, nothing will ever beat the unstoppable tandem of Mike Commodore’s playoff beard and ginger afro.
Holy sonofabitch
That pair has cults dedicated to it on high Olympus.

Imagine if they met in the finals. You’d think there was a Kashyyyk refugee camp about town.

– Katebits was tweeting about something this morning that I think brings smile to everyone’s face (except Flyers fans circa 1997, but more on that in a sec) – dressing up landmarks for the playoffs.

Chicago seems to be good at it, what with putting a giant Urlacher jersey on the famous Dinosaur Sue skeleton (it’s a brachiosaur. I think) for Super Bowl XLI.

And massive Blackhawks helmets (complete with visors!) on a pair of lion statues at the Art Institute of Chicago for the upcoming SCF series.

Now, you’d think there’d be Flyers fans clothing their landmarks in jersey, but the Curse of William Penn still stands. In 1997, someone managed to put a jersey on the William Penn statue on top of a building
Bad juju
and all it did, they believe, was help cause the Flyers to get swept by the Red Wings. Ouch.

– Not so much playoffs whimsy as it is hockey whimsy in general, but you should go search #hockeypetnames on Twitter for a good laugh. Fellow Sabres blogger @TheTickSP has come up with some serious gems. Taro Shih-Tsujimoto may be the best of them all.

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  1. 05/29/10 12:25 AM

    Take that photo of pennywise the ginger down.

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