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Because The Night


It’s late and I’ve been listening to industrial for about five hours straight. Where did that Patti Smith reference in the title come from? Who the hell knows. Let’s make with the random!

June 12th is going to be the date of the Bisons’ 3rd annual Star Wars Night! The Bisons will be wearing specialty jerseys featuring an epic AT-AT logo (seen above), their will be souvenir lightsabers for sale, and there will be character appearances. I’m not just talking some regular schmoes, but the 501st themselves, Garrison Excelsior. These guys are professional cosplayers with a serious reputation for excellence. There’s even a special ticket package for the game – the 4RCE four-pack for only $60. It includes four reserved tickets, four pops, four hot dogs, and a free souvenir lightsaber. I’ll be there for sure!

Before and after FC Buffalo’s inaugural game at All High Stadium (off Main on Mercer Ave.), make sure you’re at Papa Jake’s (on Elmwood a couple blocks up from Amherst St.) for revelries galore!
Papa Jake's Saloon All High Stadium

Well, that’s it for tonight’s randomness. There’s conference finals hockey to be had tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll put up something about that. Maybe.

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  2. 05/22/10 3:07 PM

    Blasphemy never looked so good…

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