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Chara-pedia, Throwing Snakes, and More


First, I’m gonna start off the night by using an excerpt for the first time. I hate seeing my automatic link on Facebook just putting up the first few sentences of the blog…just doesn’t look classy to me.

Gonna do some links before my recap and thoughts.
– Chris from The Goose’s Roost has shared with us a delightful set of facts about Zdeno Chara. Do check it out.

– Heather from Top Shelf Cookies put up a post all about my favorite metal-loving Finnish defenseman who wears a Sabres jersey. Her tribute to Tonza is a great read and she’s been on fire lately with her stuff.

– It’s taken the league by storm, and I expect it to happen again tonight: throwing the snake. Puck Daddy’s look at the phenomenon is one of the best.

OK, so, onto my recap…
– Myers made some rookies decisions. Oh shi…oh wait, he is a rookie! He’s going to have to adjust to playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I feel it’s going to be a quick adjustment. Look for him to have a strong game tomorow.
– What Myers did do well last night was hit, and often. Shown to be a one-man agitation machine in the WHL, he finally found his mean streak at the NHL level and started pasting guys. His hit on Boychuk has drawn the ire of the Bruins, but more on that later.
– Tim Kennedy needs to pass like that more often, while Tyler Ennis needs to shoot more often. Huh.
– Vanek is just torrid right now and, more importantly, his rarely-seen confidence is sky-rocketing. A confident Vanek is a very dangerous thing for any opposing team.
– Ryan Miller was, to quote my friend Caroline, very sazzy last night. I was half hoping for a goalie fight between him and Rask (I’ve believe for a long time that when Miller snaps, his sparring partner will get fucked up and good), but I ultimately decided it was better there wasn’t. Goalies get tossed for a fighting major, and there is no way I want Miller getting tossed.
– Raffi Torres did a great job endearing himself to all the Sabres fans who were mad at him for not scoring goals by putting Chara in a headlock and refusing to let go. I loved it – Torres is a fearless sumbitch and he’s a damn fiery soldier.
– Come to think of it, that was the most badass performance I’d seen out of the Sabres in a very long time. 42 credited hits (and that’s pretty conservative), a pseudo-line brawl, and everyone getting a piece of Chara. I’m thinking that whole “Sabres don’t play tough or stick up for each other” thing was ruse to lull their opponents into a false sense of security.
– Chara was more of a magoo last night than usual, and not in a good way. The Sabres clearly got to him, and it showed in his six penalty minutes (four of which came on a double minor-roughing). I expect to see the Sabres battering him all series – he’s going to crumble eventually and, with him, the rest of the Boston defense, too.
– Back to Myers’ hit. Look, it could have been called for interference, but there’s no way it gets called as the new “giving him the business” head-hunting penalty. It was a clean hit, especially so if Myers could have stayed upright. Claude Julien needs to shut his mouth about wanting a call on it because, lest he forgets, Chara plays for him and he’s good for abour four non-calls against the Bruins a game. Myers’ hit wasn’t called, and neither was Chara giving Vanek the biggest, tightest, warmest hug this side of his wife and son. Call it a wash and move on.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. I won’t be watching because I’ll be at the zoo or museum with my son Joshua and girlfriend, so I’ll DVR it. If the weather stays clear (forecasted to rain), then I’ll definitely bring us down to the Party In The Plaza before the game ends to celebrate.

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