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The Playoffs ZOMG!


Capitals (1) vs Canadiens (8) – Habs in six
Devils (2) vs Flyers (7) – Flyers in five
Sabres (3) vs Bruins (6) – Sabres in six
Penguins (4) vs Senators (5) – Penguins in four

Sharks (1) vs Avalanche (8) – Sharks in six
Blackhawks (2) vs Predators (7) – Blackhawks in five
Canucks (3) vs Kings (6) – Canucks in four
Coyotes (4) vs Red Wings (5) – Red Wings in six

Yea, that’s right, I picked the Habs and Flyers over their foes, and I have the Sharks not choking again.

The NHL Awards:
Hart – Miller (not a homer pick, I thought about this for three days. Too lazy to elaborate)
Vezina – Miller
Calder – Myers
Pearson – Ovechkin
Norris – Green
Selke – Kesler
Lady Byng – Oh, for eff’s sake, I don’t care. I totally side with Heather B. from Top Shelf Cookies about this.
Masterton – Gustavsson

PHEW! Just in time for the first playoff game’s puck drop!

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