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Ze German Cometh Down


At the end of last season, everyone had pitchforks and torches at the ready to run Jochen Hecht out of town. After a number of solid seasons with ever-increasing point totals and a greater responsibility on defense, Hecht had possibly (if not definitely) the worst season of his career. And after starting slowly this season (4 pts in his first 22? games), it looked like we’d be getting the pitchforks and torches ready again.

Then the Red Hot Chili Peppers (my attempt at a line nickname – Hecht/Connolly/Pominville needed one, ya know) happened.

Putting Hecht on Connolly’s LW with Pommer on the RW was a magical combination. Connolly went on a white-hot run of games with Hecht and Pominville reaping the rewards. After a small dry-spell, they’re at it again. Hecht has been especially dominant over the last four games, and absurdly so the last two.

Jochen is on the verge of having only his second 20-goal season of his career. His overall play has also rebounded drastically, and once again he’s indispensible on the PK. His best offensive (and all-around) seasons have come in his 30’s. It’s funny how things have a way of happening.

Ze German hath cometh down…the league is on notice.

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  1. 03/22/10 4:34 AM

    Man on Fire

    Jochen Hecht


    Man on Fire

  2. 03/22/10 6:44 AM

    I just want to point out that I said he’d have a 15-20 goal season and roughly 45 point season way back in September.

    Can I get an amen brotha!

    Serious, great to see Jochen get his game going, and really working within the Sabres system.

  3. 03/22/10 6:53 AM

    Gotta give you credit, Jay. You were one of the very few I know to have any faith in his ability to rebound.

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