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Memorial Cup Playoffs & The Pirates

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Last season, Tyler Myers and Tyler Ennis made it really easy to get excited about the three league championships and the Memorial Cup. This season, it’s not so easy to get amped up. I mean, Luke Adam is some sort of goal-scoring Superman, but he doesn’t electrify like Myers did.

This season, none of the Sabres’ prospects really interest me like the Tylers did. I think it’s that, with the exception of Luke Adam, none of them are the leader on their teams. Every other CHL-enrolled Sabres prospect this season seems to be a second fiddle, and that bores me.

What doesn’t bore me, however, are the Pirates. Right in the mix for the division title, the Pirates boast some serious talent and have the ability to cherry-pick major junior prospects for their own use once they’re no longer playing. I’ll definitely be paying close attention to Ennis the Menace and the rest of the farm boys!

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