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Weekend Recap


The weekend is over, so here’s a recap. And stuff.

Wed: Stars @ Sabres
That game was all sorts of retarded. And also entertaining. Myers gave a big “eff youz” to all the media types currently boarding the Jimmy Howard Bandwagon. Note to the NHL and EVERYONE: he was drafted in 2003 – he shouldn’t freakin’ be eligible! Sure was nice to see Kaleta toss bombs with a recognized tough guy and win pretty clean.

Thurs: Pearl St with Steve Mesler
Thursday night was all about awesomeness. My two pals from Nova Scotia came down, and we did what everyone in Buffalo does on a fairly regular basis – downed a widowmaker at Pearl St, met the French Connection, and then got pictures with Steve Mesler and touched his gold medal.

Fri: Wild @ Sabres, Bandits @ Rock
Sabres were the ultimate bonerkill, whereas the Bandits were the ultimate underdogs. Whether you like booing the home team or not, Patrick Lalime knew he deserved it. Hey Sabres, you don’t like hearing your pally get booed? Score some goals!

Anyways, the Bandits played a helluva game that night. I spent more time high-fiving my buddies with me when I got tweeted score updates from Toronto than I did high-fiving them at the hockey game. JT was, is, and will always be the man.

Sat: Sabres @ Red Wings, Bandits @ Blazers
Sabres found themselves down 2-0 early again, but ya know what, they played a much better game last night. Howver, if Miller did choke it away in regulation like Lalime did the night before, I was not above booing Miller from my couch. Hecht was a friggin beast again, and I think he’s had a helluva season after crapping out so bad in ’08/’09. Also, I think Brian Rafalski is forever destined to ruin Ryan Miller’s night after the gold medal game.

And once again, the Bandits won in OT on the stick of Johnny Tavares. Long after he’s retired and his nephew is a superstar in the NHL, we’ll all remember JT. I was actually really pleased with the Bandits win, as they were playing in front of a backup who just wasn’t right until this weekend and with guys who just came back from injury. And how about Kyle Clancy? Kid’s gotta get a buncha ROTY votes. Bandits play next on Mar. 27 in Rochacha.

Since there’s nothing on worth blogging about on Sunday, I decided to throw this one up now. Yea.

Coming up this week, I might be getting my Kelowna Rockets jersey in. When I do, it’s time to get it embroidered!

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