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Now that’s just a beautiful sight, no?

Until Paddy’s goal, I’ll admit I was nearly lulled to sleep on a number of occasions. So, since I found that game so boring besides the Southtowns Shit-Disturber scoring the winning goal, let’s talk about other things, shall we?

As any other native of Buffalo, I’m proud and loyal. I wear my feelings on the city, and I also wear them on my tees. I love that there is an uprising of local teeshirt houses, so let’s link to them!
Celebrate Buffalo, Inc.
City Love Clothing
Born In Buffalo
My Buffalo Shirt
I’ve recently just gotten a couple of offerings from My Buffalo Shirt at the Galleria in the same store that sells the Celebrate Buffalo, Inc. stuff. Show some pride in your Queen (City), everyone.

And how’s about the Powder Keg Festival last weekend? It was damned fun, wasn’t it?! I took some pics of the crowds outside Pearl St and inside, at the ice maze, and on the tubing ramp, so let’s have a look!
I wanted to get shots of the pond hockey, but by the time I got down there, it was mostly done and the ice was breaking up (the second day was actually shitcanned, how sad).

What’s one thing Buffalonians know that the rest of the world has to learn? Why, it’s that we have AMAZING restaurants, and tons of them! Coming up this week is Local Restaurant Week, wherein over 150 restaurants, wineries, and breweries will be offering menu choices (often dinner for one or lunch for two) for only $20.10! Go forth and peruse the fine offerings of Western New York – especially you, Katebits…transplants deserve to know about our culinary treasures, too 🙂

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