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Still LOLeafs


OK, so Brian Burke rolled up his sleeves and dumped a bunch of dead weight on Calgary and Anaheim for Quasimodo Dion Phaneuf and J.S. Giguere. Whoopededoo. What this does to Toronto is only addresses one concern (veteran goaltending that gives a damn) while creating another – even less offense. He’s gonna have to part with a ton of players, picks, or prospects to try and find one or two impact forwards, and he’s running low on supplies after shipping out six dudes.

See, Kessel still needs a proper playmaking center and complimentary winger to form a legit first line, and all the truculent defense in the world coupled with adequate goaltending won’t win you games unless you can put the biscuit in the basket. This team is still two scoring lines away from any sort of contention (sorry, Leafs fans, but Kessel can’t carry this team on his back like you’ve wanted him to do all fucking season…idiots).

While Leafs fans are busy beating their chests and media types are analyzing every aspect of this deal, I’ll be sitting here laughing at the Leafs like I have since Andrew Peters showed Wade Belak how to perfect his golf swing in 2006.

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