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I Like Swears, OK? And Other Thoughts)


So, I’ve really been thinkin about trying to take my blog in a more professional direction, and I think it’s a mistake. People enjoy these blogs because of each one’s flavor, and I don’t want to lose mine by sacrificing my acerbic wits.

So, fuck it. The swearing won’t be pervasive, but it’s gonna be here, and it’s gonna be hilarious.

– Went to Gabriel’s Gate last night with Missy and Jay after the game, and I really love it. Warm decor, comfortable, very kitschy, fast service and good food, excellent nut brown house ale, and the people around us were hilariously entertaining. The music was good, and the overall feeling of the place was so inviting and mellow. I could see myself there every Saturday night.
– I witnessed two things I’ve never seen before: Bandits game night gridlock, and four friggin men in the box. Four! More on those shenanigans during my game recap later.
– John goddamned Tavares just had to break his slump against us last night, didn’t he?

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  1. 01/17/10 6:15 PM

    I love Gabriel’s Gate. We should have a get together there. Their wings are some of the best in Buffalo. That’s right, Duff’s…I said it!

  2. 01/19/10 4:35 AM

    I totally jive with that, Caro…I like the idea of a Sunday brunch (MMMMMMIMOSAS) after a game we all end up staying in town for that night (ie, drunken shenanigans)

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