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11/4 Recap: Islanders At Sabres


Welcome back, master of your domain! King of the castle! Lord of all you survey!

Who Kicked Ass
– Miller. I don’t gotta say shit. Olympics, here he comes.
– Roy. Holy crap, he was a faceoff machine. 14-0. Coupla bad giveaways on stupid drop passes, but c’mon, it’s Roy lol
– Myers. Way to rebound from a couple of bad games, and he showed incredible sense on the kill.
– Goose. He comes back, and so do all the good things of the Sabres game. I believe he finished the game with almost 80% faceoff wins? Ridiculous.
– The Sabres PK. It looked crisp, smart, and hungry. Played the body, not the stick and played the puck, not the puck-possessor.

Who Didn’t
– Witt. Fucking goon. That is all.
– The Islanders PP. Wow.

Disclaimer: There is no variation on my Sabres gnome, Gnomey, and his star of the night, because well…HONK (please refer to the top of this entry)

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