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Thoughts Of Day 2 And This Weekend


I only saw parts of both games, but what I saw was quite awesome.

Blackhawks vs Panthers in Helsinki
Blackhawks flat out owned this game, until they gave up each goal in response. Byfuglien scored a beaut. That kid is really something else…he’s one of those players who defines hockey for me. That and, in the playoffs, he starts to look like Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy hah. Who could’ve predicted Koistenen would be the hero – I sure didn’t.

Red Wings vs Blues in Stockholm
Good on the Blues for taking down the Red Wings. I like the Blues this season, especially with Kariya and Johnson back. The Red Wings recent success will catch up with them, as will age, and I predict they’ll finish third in the division.

Today I spent the day showing my buddy Don and his girl Tara around Buffalo. They’re from Nova Scotia and came down to see the home opener (he’s a Sabres fan and she’s a Habs(!) fan). We met up during the skate, I got some Alexander Keith’s, and we took an architecture tour of Buffalo. We took them to the OLV Basilica. It’s fucking amazing in there.

Hot shit, there’s fifteen games on tonight. Besides the Sabres kicking the shit out of the Habs, I’m really looking forward to the Battle of Alberta, Calgary vs Edmonton.


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