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Thoughts Of Day 1


I watched three of the four games yesterday, ignoring the Sharks and Avs because they ain’t shit compared to my Flames (Iggy FTW).

Capitals at Bruins
The Capitals ran all over the Bruins last night. Ovechkin was basically left to play with himself and do as he pleased. Way to not do your jobs, B’s. Thomas looked weak, especially as the defending Vezina honoree. For a supposedly defensively-weak team, the Caps played well in their own zone. Could be the beasts everyone says they will be.

Habs at Leafs
I didn’t watch a lot of this game, but what I saw was good. I didn’t pick up on a lot because I was basically eagerly-awaiting the Flames game (review to follow), but I know I wanted to see a shootout.

‘Nucks at Flames
Iggy. Kipper. JayBo. Phaneuf. I love the Flames, not gonna lie. Second favorite team, and favorite Western Conf. team. They came out like goddamned gangbusters in the first two, really exposing Luongo’s blocker side. Rene Bourque and Mark Giordano owned that game early, with Miikka Kiprusoff being the difference in the third. The Flames’ new system is going to be great to watch, and their top 3 defensemen are sick: Phaneuf, Regehr, and Bouwmeester.

I’ll be doing a short review of today’s matchups tomorrow, since I’ll only really be watching the two European games.

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  1. Caroline permalink
    10/02/09 6:34 PM

    I wanted to see the Habs-Leafs game go to a shootout too. I only got to watch the overtime, but it seemed like it was an exciting game. The Avs-Sharks game was a good one too.

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