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Women’s Hockey Isn’t Over


As Team USA’s women reflect on their depressing loss to Team Canada, Women’t hockey around the country, and more specifically (since it’s kind of relevant to us) around New York State continues.  As many of you are already aware, our sidebar has been revamped to feature links to (among other things) the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, the USCHO page for NCAA hockey, and the blog Women’s Hockey Life.  So what are your options as a New York hockey fan?  Unfortunately the CWHL isn’t particularly local with teams in Brampton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Boston, but there is a lot of really good college hockey nearby.  (I should know, I grew up with it.)

Cornell Big Red


ArenaLynah Rink, Ithaca, NY (Cap. 4,267)

Conference: Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC)

Current Record: 20-3-4 (National Rankings: 3rd)

Conference Record: 15-2-3 (1st)

Conference Championships (Regular Season): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Conference Championships (Tournament): 2010, 2011, 2013

NCAA Tournament Appearances: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

NCAA Frozen Four Appearances: 2010, 2011, 2012

Best Season: 2010-2011

  • 31-3-1
  • NCAA Frozen Four (Lost to Boston University 4-1)

Major Rivals:

  • Harvard Crimson (Harvard leads series 51-25-3)
  • Dartmouth Big Green (Dartmouth leads series (41-27-7)

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Vulgar Opinions: The NHL DOES Have A Vested Interest In A Women’s Hockey League


I was browsing through the HF Boards’ Olympic hockey subsection and despite the fact that HF continues its systemic misogyny by sticky-ing the Men’s schedule and not the Women’s the discussions on Women’s hockey that occur in the appropriate threads are actually pretty good.  One of the things that stood out to me was this comment:

womens hockey


Not to pick on Krut here, but they’re dead wrong.  Women have already played in professional Men’s leagues, including the NHL.  A Women’s league absolutely has a chance of developing NHL-capable prospects.  That having been said, it’s foolish to think that “economic benefit” is limited to developing future players.

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Vulgar Statistics: Compete Level League Wide

No small task as you can see

15.4 Million, or what Buffalo Fans Think Thomas Vanek’s Cap Hit Was

Since we’ve little better to do this season than make fun of Ted Nolan and the xenophobic Sabres fans whose nether regions he sets aflame, I took the Compete Level statistic and applied it league-wide.  These are the results.  For those that need a refresher, Compete Level is calculated thusly:

(Hits*2 + Blocked Shots + PIM (per game)) divided by each player’s current cap hit and multiplied by modifiers that account for the grittiness that only being born in North America (Canada – 2.0, USA – 1.5, Latvia – 1.0, Scandanavia – .75, Other – 0.5, Russia – .25) and wearing a letter can bring (Captain – 2.0, Assisting Captain – 1.25).  Full sheet is here.

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Vulgar Opinions: Why I’ve Come To Hate Ted Nolan (NSFW)



I didn’t always hate Ted Nolan.  In fact for a while I was impressed with how he seemed to get more out of his players than anyone had any right to expect, like a bunch of mediocre-besides-the-goalie Sabres teams and Islanders teams that were probably worse.  When he was brought on to coach the Sabres I pretty much thought the hiring was irrelevant.  Plus Ron Rolston was so much of a lame duck that it seemed like anything would be an improvement.  The terrible hockey…it changes you man.

I hate Ted Nolan.  Why do I hate Ted Nolan?  Hoo boy.  John Scott.  I actually love John Scott, but why does this guy get a chance to do anything before Linus Omark, or Ville Leino, or literally anyone else on the roster?  Do you know which regular Sabre (read: played more than a handful of games) has the highest percentage of offensive zone starts?  John Scott.  Seriously.

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Vulgar Opinons: The Draft – NHL Void



People are finding out all over Twitter today that the Rochester Amerks are set to play a game at the First Niagara Center tomorrow at 7:05 against the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Now please wait while I congratulate myself for publicizing this event more than the Sabres (or Amerks) have.  It’s especially damning when the Sabres themselves are a cauldron of failure and the players on the Amerks are about the only real reason to be legitimately hopeful for the franchise heading into the future.

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Vulgar Statistics: Compete Level


It began, like so many games have this season, with truly terrible hockey.  And a tweet by Dear God Why Us’s contributor sba:

SBA Tweet

Over the course of the next hour and several tweets he laid the groundwork and outlined the key statistical contributors while I crunched the numbers in Excel.  The objective was simple: to highlight the Ted Nolaniest of Ted Nolan’s players and give them their due praise.

No small task as you can see

No small task as you can see

And so the Compete Level formula was born:

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Stars and Black Holes: Sabres @ Avalanche: 1-30-2014



Sometimes the brutality of a good old fashioned ass-whooping is fun to watch.  That’s been one of the annoying things about the Sabres this year, that the goaltending has kept games close enough to either not give up completely, or to ramp up the drinking as they become complete laughers.  Not the case in Colorado where the Avalanche were one goal shy of taking the Broncos to overtime.

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