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Vulgar Statistics: Ehrhoff And Karlsson



Earlier this evening I was watching the Sabres game, minding my own business, when someone brought up Christian Ehrhoff in the game chat that accompanies the feed.  The initial comment was something like “I’d trade Ehrhoff,” in complete seriousness.  (The comment is too far back for me to retrieve it.)  That said, the following are exact quotes that I did pull:

Ehrhoff played with the Sedins, Thronton Marleau Couture Kesler etc etc etc and Karlsson’s PPG is double

he was also 21, 22 and 23 those years. He’s a better player. Again my whole point is Batman vs. Robin.

[Ehrhoff is a Robin not a Batman] becaue he doesnt generate offense by himself

[Ehrhoff is a Robin not a Batman because Karlsson had] 1 PPG for 3 years while being a + player over that time.

Additional criticisms for Ehrhoff were that he doesn’t produce as much in Buffalo as he did in Vancouver (or San Jose), that he shoots wide too much, and (sort of illustrated above) that he can’t carry the offense, whatever subjective definition gets applied to that.

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Vulgar Statistics: The Best Franchise In NHL History


And by NHL History I obviously mean after the league expanded to 12 teams because no one gives a crap about pre-Civil Rights, 1 in 6 odds at a championship hockey.  There are many ways to attempt to define success.  You can go by number of championships, number of playoff victories, playoff winning percentage, number of postseasons made, overall winning percentage, points percentage, and if you really want, goal differential.

I decided to judge NHL teams against their peers using a percentile system.  For those that don’t know, a percentile is a percentage of participants that you are better than.  If you finish first, you are in the 100th percentile because you are better than everyone.  If you finished, say, 11th in the 1981-1982 season, you are the 50th percentile.  There were 21 teams in the league, which means 10 were better, and 10 were worse.  Got it?  Grand.  Here’s the spreadsheet if you want to fiddle around with it.

All Time

Rank Team Average
1 Boston 74.3%
2 Montreal 69.8%
3 Philadelphia 67.6%
4 Dallas 64.1%
5 Colorado Avalanche 62.4%
6 New Jersey 59.7%
7 Detroit 58.8%
8 Buffalo 57.5%
9 NY Rangers 57.2%
10 Calgary 55.6%
11 Chicago 55.2%
12 San Jose 54.4%
13 St. Louis 52.3%
14 Atlanta Flames 51.9%
15 Washington 51.7%
16 Ottawa 50.6%
17 Pittsburgh 50.5%
18 Edmonton 48.8%
19 Anaheim 45.7%
20 Nashville 45.1%
21 Phoenix 45.1%
22 NY Islanders 43.0%
23 Toronto 42.4%
24 Quebec 42.3%
25 Vancouver 42.1%
26 Los Angeles 40.6%
27 Minnesota Wild 40.3%
28 Carolina 38.9%
29 Minnesota North Stars 34.9%
30 Winnipeg Jets I 34.8%
31 Winnipeg Jets II 34.5%
32 Florida 32.3%
33 Hartford 31.8%
34 Tampa Bay 26.8%
35 Cleveland Barons 24.0%
36 Atlanta Thrashers 19.7%
37 Columbus 18.6%
38 Oakland/California Golden Seals 13.3%
39 Colorado Rockies 7.5%
40 Kansas City Scouts 6.0%

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Vulgar Statistics: Why They Aren’t Sucking

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Much has been made of the performances of Nathan Gerbe and Andrej Serkera in Carolina this season.  Gerbe has 10 goals and 12 assists in 49 games.  Sekera already has his highest goal total ever (7), and is 4 points off from tying that record as well.  If you were to average the wide range of opinions those two players had among Sabres fans, you’d probably land right around “mostly inconsequential,” maybe even “somewhat detrimental”  What gives?

Nathan Gerbe

Gerbe isn’t exactly lighting it up in Carolina, although he did do this the other night:

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Stars and Black Holes: Panthers @ Sabres: 1-21-2014


Fenwick chart for 2014-01-21 Panthers 4 at Sabres 3

The Sabres for once actually put forth a pretty strong effort in front of Miller who was both not so good and unfairly hampered by deflections that really weren’t his fault.  As the season progresses, it seems the Sabres are somehow better than Edmonton and Florida, and maybe Calgary as well.  Weird.

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Vulgar Opinions: Richard Sherman And Hockey


@FriedgeHNIC In the world of @NHL we have measures that force someone like to behave with class!” – NHLer Krys Barch

That is an unfortunate and somewhat ironic choice of words from someone who was disciplined by the NHL for making racially charged comments to P.K. Subban (which were, if you believe him, made ignorant of their racial context).  And if you’re one of those hockey fans that stays the hell away from football (and I don’t blame you), here:

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Double Stars and Black Holes: Blue Jackets And Maple Leafs



Okay, I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up on these, mostly because the team is boring and it isn’t too much fun to write the same thing every night.  So instead of promising to do better or something, I figured I’d go the other direction and be even lazier in mailing in two recaps in one post.  Maple Leafs stars and black holes will be first, and Blue Jackets stars and black holes will be second.

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Power Rankings: Week 14


Week 14 Power Rankings


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