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Vulgar Statistics: Round 1 Power Rankings

Round 1 Power Rankings

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2014 Playoff Matchups And My Picks


Playoff Matchups East

Boston in 7 – I think the Bruins are the best team in the East and nothing will stop me from thinking that.  That being said, I expect Detroit to make things as difficult as possible.

Tampa Bay in 6 – The Lightning have a bunch of players day to day (Salo, Filppula, Hedman, Purcell, and Palat) that I expect to see in the lineup when the playoffs start along with Ben Bishop’s season ending injury.  Montreal is slightly worse off with Gorges, Moen, and Weise having missed 15, 6, and 6 games respectively.  On top of that, Tampa Bay just feels like the better team.

Pittsburgh in 5 – One of two things happens, either Pittsburgh begins yet another playoff collapse and finds themselves in a quick hole, or they bulldoze Columbus.  I’m predicting the latter.

NYR in 6 – Two perennial playoff disappointments, neither of whom I trust.  The Rangers have had the upper hand in the season series so I’m going with them.

Playoff Matchups West

Minnesota in 6 – We should have had an awesome Western Conference playoffs, but instead we’ll see two of the best teams eliminated in the first round.  Weird series between Colorado and Minnesota.  Backing the somewhat more experienced Wild on a hunch.

Chicago in 5 – As far as I know T.J. Oshie is still out with a concussion.  Barring a crazy performance from Ryan Miller, the Blues will exit early.

Anaheim in 7 – Dallas is a terrifying team to face in the first round and if they had drawn Colorado I’d probably be picking them.  Otherwise, I think they’re clearly one of the worst teams in the playoffs.

Los Angeles in 7 – The winner of this series is winning the Stanley Cup.  My heart says Sharks, but my head says Kings.  However if San Jose can exorcise their demons early by beating LA, I think they’ll cruise.

3rd Annual BBG Playoff Pool


Welcome to this year’s annual playoff pool.  A hearty congratulations to last year’s winner Meg.

The Rules:

Pick Winners and games before each round.

Picks must be in before the first game of each series.  Failure to do so will result in being scored a 0 for the series.

The Scoring:

  • If you pick the winner correctly, you will be awarded 5 points, with 1 point subtracted for each game you were off.  For Example: If you pick the Sharks in 5, and the Sharks win in 6, you get 5-1=4 points for that series.
  • If you do not pick the winner correctly you will be awarded 0 points, with one exception.
  • If you do not pick the winner correctly, but pick the series to go 7 games, and it does, you will be awarded 1 point.

How Do I get Picks To You?

Any way you want, but generally here and twitter are best.

But I don’t Know Anything About Hockey:

Do not fear!  Over the next two days I will be bombarding you with information.  Will it tell you who to pick?  No.  But there will be lots of numbers.

Previous Winners:

  • 2013 Civilian – @Lefty824 (49 points)
  • 2013 Media – Craig Custance (48 points)
  • 2012 Civilian – @DiePerske
  • 2012 Media – Lost to the sands of time.


We Will Have The Last Laugh (NSFW)


It’s been a while since I recapped a game, and even longer since I chronicled my thoughts about the Boston Bruins in a semi-coherent manner.  With recent events, and a literal chore of a season coming to a close, now seems as good a time as any.

Call it a gut feeling, call it faith, call it whatever.  Just know that there is no basis behind it, which perhaps makes it all the more worthy to cling to, but I cannot shake the feeling that in this rivalry, at some point, the Buffalo Sabres will have the last laugh.  I first started attending Sabres games in 2007-2008.  The first win I ever saw was the February Tenth game in which Boston Bruins fans Olli Jokinen nearly completely on purpose accidentally sliced Richard Zednik’s head off.  The next season I purchased my first ten game mini-pack and, wanting to spread the love in a way that is uniquely Buffalo and that no one in black and yellow will ever know, started taking my younger sisters to games.

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Vulgar Opinions: The Rinaldo Suspension Is Decent In A Vacuum


Four games is a lot for a guy whose thought process (I’m pretty sure) was this:

I’m gonna wreck this guy.

I might make head contact.

Oh well.

I don’t think Rinaldo was targeting Ruhwedel’s head.  I think he had “crush Ruhwedel” locked into his infant brain and wasn’t too concerned with the particulars.  It’s not dirty despite the unfortunate result, it’s being apathetic as to the results of reckless behavior.  To push a metaphor, Rinaldo isn’t an attempted murderer, he’s a drunk driver that ran someone over.

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Sorting Out The Eastern Conference Playoff Picture


As of right now, only Boston has clinched a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, but Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Tampa Bay are virtual locks with 97, 91, and 89 points, up 17, 11, and 9 points on the bevy of teams with 80 points that could usurp them.

That leaves Philadelphia, New York (R), Columbus, and Washington fighting each other for two guaranteed spots in the Metropolitan division and fighting Toronto and Detroit from the Atlantic for the two wildcard spots.




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Remembering Ralph Wilson



Ralph-WilsonThis is not going to be a hockey article.  However I think it looms large enough in Buffalo, and has enough of an overlap with the Sabres fanbase that it has a place here.

Ralph Wilson Jr. died today at the age of 95.  I’m not in the habit of whitewashing people in death, not even my own family.  I hope that same courtesy gets extended to me when I move on.  I am a human being, not a fantasy of the living.  That said, there are certainly some nice things to be remembered about Wilson.  Almost all of them happened before I was born, and before many of our readers were too.

Ralph Wilson begrudgingly helped make the Bills after having been a minority owner in Detroit and making a first attempt at Miami.  Still, he was a steward of the fledgling AFL and a steward of its Buffalo franchise and he helped the team stay in Buffalo over the years when little else did.  He was a part of the most success the city of Buffalo has ever seen in professional football in the 1990s, somewhat similar to Golisano with the 1999 and 2005-2007 Sabres.

And like Golisano, he was a part of dismantling that success.

That will always be Ralph’s legacy to me.  He was a man, in his firing of Bill Polian, who couldn’t get out of his own way.  He couldn’t handle not being the smartest person in the room, couldn’t handle not being the reason for success.  He also, in his later years, failed to secure the franchise’s long term position in Buffalo.  That should resonate louder than most things.

Ralph Wilson made us, that much is true.  But we may soon find that he unmade us as well.


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